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Rural Education

Centre For Transforming India (CFTI)

CFTI has embarked on a mission to bring quality education across rural India. We are presently working in the Raigad district and have tied up with PNP Education Trust. The PNP Education Trust has setup a total of 27 Marathi medium schools & 7 colleges across Raigad district. A large majority of these schools are completely free & cater to the under privileged children of the district.

CFTI along with PNP has set forth a goal of establishing 50 quality English medium schools in rural Raigad. This will provide an average of 1 English medium school for a group of 10 villages. Each school will be equipped with modern infrastructure & will deliver quality education at part with urban schools to economically backward communities.

Activities Conducted:

Distributing School kits consisting of school bag, text books, note books, uniform, water bottle, tiffin box & related academic material to the economically underprivileged students thereby ensuring that they do not drop out of school due to lack of them.

Providing benches to schools & other facilities like computers, books etc.

Running free school bus services for schools located in remote areas.

Creating awareness about the need of education among the rural population.

Distributed tabs (smart phones) to meritorious underprivileged students in Raigad district to attend online classes regularly during lock-down.