About - Centre For Transforming India (CFTI)

Centre For Transforming India (CFTI)

About - Centre For Transforming India (CFTI)

India is a land of villages, nearly 72 percent of the population is spread across 63800 villages throughout the country. To transform the country one must transform the villages.

CFTI was founded with this vision on 14th of May 2009 under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882.

Centre for Transforming India aims to bring opportunities to people in rural India by empowering them through education, healthcare & economic opportunities.

We work with the weaker & marginalised sections of the society & help them improve their standard of living & overcome the obstacles faced due to the lack of sufficient incentives.

Our aim is to create social harmony & further the growth of India through education, poverty alleviation & women empowerment.

CFTI does a lot of grassroot level work during emergencies, crisis, lockdowns & natural calamities. Our USP is the ground level support team which enjoys close door to door binding & connect with the beneficiaries which is required to do relief work in the hour of crisis.

CFTI works with PNP Educational Society to promote education to under privileged children & offer them sporting infrastructure to ensure all round development. We also promote rural arts & culture through various programs & self help groups.

CFTI is an affiliate partner of Global Financial Integrity India.

Aims & Objectives - Centre For Transforming India (CFTI)

To empower the rural population of India through education & poverty alleviation schemes.

To provide modern educational facilities to villages & ensure that it creates a positive impact on current & future generations.

To promote health awareness, implement health care schemes, provide food, medicines, and other support to economically-challenged people suffering from curable or incurable diseases.

To work towards women empowerment and gender equality and help them attain economic self-sufficiency.

To promote sports, help with training & equipment and promote rising sporting stars from rural India.

To raise awareness about art and culture from rural India and bring it to the mainstream. To promote local artists and art from indigenous communities.